Corporate Events

Catering for International Reference Events

We have organized internationally recognized events such as ‘The HPE Discoverde’ in 2017 and 2018, and some of the most prestigious congresses, and large business events in Spain.

We can assure you of an event organized to perfection with attention to every detail. Our events appeal not only to satisfying your sense of taste but rather we create an event that is appealing to your sense of sight, touch, sound and smell.

You can trust in Vilaplana catering to guide you in hosting a successful event

Amaze your Guests

We will create a special atmosphere that will wow your guests. Allow us to create the magic that will allow the guest to enjoy the special moments. Our well-qualified staff also take extra care in providing the high level of service that your guests deserve. Our staff conduct themselves in a professional, and  passionate manner that is aimed at great customer service

Innovation and setting trends

We are up to speed with the latest trends in gastronomy and cuisine so that we can provide a dining experience that uses innovative products and recipes, and a dining experience that utilizes the latest innovations and ideas for hosting events.

Corporate events hosted by Vilaplana each have their own identity that takes into account the needs and expectations of the guests, and their particular culinary tastes.

Some of our events

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