Vilaplana on the winners podium for big sporting events

Vilaplana catering is the winning option. We are experts in catering for internationally renowned sporting events. We are famous for creativity and cutting edge cuisine, and for providing great tasting food for equestrian, golf, basketball or football events

Experts in Catering for Sports Events

We have vast experience and a great track record in catering for prestigious sporting events such as the Madrid Equestrian Week, the Madrid International Show Jumping Week, and the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. Currently Real Madrid Basketball relies on Vilaplana for catering service in the VIP Area of the Wizink Center Madrid.

We can guarantee success. When Vilaplana is in charge of the catering for your event you can be assured of a thorough analysis that will be done to find the perfect decoration for the venue, the ideal staff, and innovative and delicious food to make your eventing a rousing success.

Experience and Exclusivity

When you contract Vilaplana to cater for your event you can be assured that we will make a positive impact.

We manage V.I.P. lounges at big  international events in Spain.

We provide you with all the tools and expertise to host the perfect event with food that will leave the guests both satisfied and amazed while they are being entertained by the sporting event.


A wealth of Experience and professionality for the catering of your sporting event