A taste for the big moments

We are passionate about fine cuisine and the art of fine dining. We create dishes with unique flavours, textures, colours and presentation for your event that will leave your guests feeling in awe. Let yourself be amazed by our culinary creations.

Quality Products

The key to an exquisite tasting dish is the use of the finest quality raw materials. At Vilaplana we pay special attention to:

  • Finding the best local suppliers
  • Selecting the freshest seasonal products
  • Sourcing the finest organically grown ingredients

Prestigious chefs

Vilaplana chefs are experienced, and well-renowned and respected in the hospitality sector. Our chefs design every individual dish for each culinary event with the greatest of care and attention.

At Vilaplana every culinary creation comes with the stamp of approval, and guarantee from the finest professionals in the industry.

We deliver creativity, innovation, and careful precise presentation in all of our creations.

A Culinary Experience for all the senses

At Vilaplana catering we approach your event with great enthusiasm. We develop exclusive culinary experiences with the objective of amazing and satisfying your guests.

We maintain high  standards, and pay attention to all the details to ensure that we can create a special atmosphere that will make your event a success.

A Culinary xperience for your events

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